Pictures from my AMAZING 8th Annual BBQ and the after party at the Round Up Saloon.
The Spread.
Me and The Spread (that's a stunt beer - I was drinking pepsi all night).
Some random kid.
The Day family (most of them anyhow) eats.
Mike tries to get in on the action.
Why can't anyone ever stand up straight for a photo?
Kelley Mac and Sheila.
Susan (who sure looks like she's having a good time), Splatt and Emmy.
Amy, wine AND Smirnoff Ice?
The Day family at rest.
Leigh and his parents.
I don't know what she's eating, but I think she's enjoying it!
This is either Marilyn or Ginger, I can never remember who's who.
At least one of the Day kids had a good time.
Sarah, a.k.a Splatt.
Now I know why I don't let people use my camera.
I don't know what all these people are doing in my living room.
Roxanne, Round Up Saloon bartender extraordinaire...
... and her trusty sidekick, Tim.
"Sugar Bear" the band. Someone should tell this guy he's too old for a mullet (luckily you can't see his GIANT bald patch).
Me and Kelley.
Sheila, me and Kelley,
Finally, I'm looking at the camera when someone takes a picture.
Emmy, Dierdre, me and Susan.
Who thought a shot of Cazadores would be a good idea?
Scott with a very sincere looking smile.
Emmy, me, Andrea and a round of Purple Hooters.
Another shot of the band (I've never noticed how dusty that pronghorn is until I looked at this picture).